Unglaublich! Wir sind das erste TV Team, welches über den King “Hersir frá Húsavík” berichten darf! Was eine Ehre für uns! Seht in einer einzigartigen Doku wie dieser wunderschöne Hengst trainiert wird und welche Ehre unserem Tobi (äh Dobby) zu Teil wird.

Hersir is a very tall, and unusually well put together horse with 9,5 for neck and shoulders, and the unbelievable 8,80 for conformation.

His gaits are of no less value, but he has 9 for most of them and you can just see the judgement here on the side.  Hersir´s strides are very big and the leg action is high, he has a very great potential of becoming a top sport horse.  His gait of choice, and best gait, is tolt, but the trot is huge and the canter full of suspension.

Hier erfahrt ihr mehr über den King!